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Order Requirements and Packages Question


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Hi Folks,

If anyone knows the answer feel free to post.

Question: If I have separate requirements for each of the 3 packages that I set up, is there a way to have the requirements for package 1 set to optional and not make it mandatory for buyers who ordered package 1 to submit anything to make the order start, but make it mandatory for the buyers who ordered packages 2 or 3?

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I looked at your facebook gig with the packages. What are the “tabs” you are talking about for your most expensive gig? I always see terms or things I don’t understand when I look at packages. Why is that package so much more than the other two?

Why would tabs, whatever they are, cost $65 more than the intermediate package? Can you create tabs on facebook somehow? I’ve never noticed anything like that. That’s a huge price jump that I’m not sure most people would pay an extra $65 for.

About your question:
You will have requirements for the buyer to send you pictures in your first package.
You will have different requirements for the second package, and I guess different requirements for the 3rd package. This is what you said and I can see why.

I don’t have the option to use packages in my gigs so I can’t tell you the answer, but hopefully there is a way to use different requirements for each package?

Since packages are new it might be necessary to ask customer support this question.
You have some great gigs!

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