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Help. I can only add 3 photos while others have a longer slideshow


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I noticed some sellers showing their portfolios in a very long slideshow.

I thought maybe I can also add a slide show of some of the positive feedback I’m getting from my clients but I can only add up to 3 photos.

How can I add more?

I searched for other related threads here but I didn’t find any.

Please teach me how.

I’m a level 2 seller now if that matters.

Thanks in advance.

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First, There is one thing that no one can upload more than 3 photos for the gig portfolio. The other things you see in the slideshow are the original work of seller delivered to the their client.


As You can see in my gigs that I have uploaded only one image which comes first in the slideshow after that is my original work delivered to client.

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Guest thuyta

What you’re seeing is their live portfolio. When an order is positively reviewed, the picture delivered is shown as a part of your public portfolio.

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