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Revision vs Refund vs Thumbs Down - Which one is better?


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I want to ask a question to all fiverr seller. Please answer based on your experience.

Which one is better for a seller - Revision vs Refund vs Thumbs Down?

I am is a situation with my following gigs


If I refund I can restore my rating by losing some $$. But I believe I am doing the design as per my clients guideline. So what to do keep this negative rating or remove the rating by refunding. Which one is valuable? What if my overall rating goes under 97%. Do I get order? Are my gigs searchable? Please comment.

Consider this discussion+Comments as tips…

Thank You



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Guest petrosianii

To me, it’s just easier to give a refund than spend the time dealing with all the fighting and stuff. Not worth my time for $ or $10. It helps to be able to spot the pain in the butt customers quickly though, as Madmoo said.

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Reply to @madmoo: Yes, I agree with it. But the problem is, now fiverr has the option for custom offer. So if you did a 200$ job, and buyer asked for a refund, it’s very hard to agree. For 5$ or 10$ it’s easy. But for 100$ or 200$, it’s a little bit difficult?


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