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How to get more traffic for my gigs?


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Hi, You can get more traffic through these steps:

  1. Placing a professional display image
  2. Place a professional display video which describes your services
  3. Keyword filled description, you can go through similar gigs of yours to get an idea
  4. Promote, Promote and Promote, especially FB,Twitter and YT
  5. Create a video in youtube which describes your services
  6. Post your ads on FB business and Google plus groups
  7. Post your ads on Business forums
  8. Always over deliver
  9. Make a better relationship with clients and make them happy, so you will get recurring orders as well as tips
  10. Keep your overall rating high
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I noticed that my gig started getting more clicks and more orders once I got a professionally done explainer video. Get someone on Fiverr to do it. My current one cost me $20 and I had it in two days. Make sure you set your video preview to a frame in the video that has what you’re offering for $5 and your delivery time. And as stated by some other commenters here, promote, promote, promote.

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Guest brigittebauer

If YOU are going to promote your gigs it makes NO sense to lead potential buyers back to this platform or Fiverr. Just purchase a domain name and web hosting. Very cheap especially when some host even provide FREE domain name registration…etc. eHosts comes to mind! Free domain name and 3 year basic hosting. This way you cut out the middle man who takes 20%. After all, why do the labor for your gigs and promotion? What does Fiverr do then since there 20% cut is for promotion and advertising eh? So, make your OWN website with your gigs, promote that site and gain 100% profits! Cut out the middle man and it’s lackluster policies…etc and work for the best boss in the world - YOU. Win Win situation I would say. Use Fiverr as a stepping stone to hone your skills then MOVE ON. This is not the be all or end all of working for yourself. Solo means doing everything yourself and earning 100% for YOUR work. if you are going to promote your work, who needs Fiverr?!

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I would say begin to build your professional brand around your fiverr account (if you’re serious). For instance, I brand my LinkedIn profile promoting my services. I also have an optin page that leads individuals to my fiverr GIG after signing up.

I drive traffic to those squeeze pages by putting out relevant and unique content towards my niche on many different platforms.

You just have to get creative.

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