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How do gigs rank on fiverr?


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Getting your gig ranked high in your parent- or sub-category depends on a lot of factors.

You need to use relevant keywords (and the same keywords) in your gig’s title, description, and meta-tags.

Response time is also measured. You’ll know the messages that are timed because they have a black stop watch displayed next to them in your inbox. If there’s no stop watch, then you don’t have to respond. If your response rate is lower than 100% for the previous rolling 30-day window, then that’s taken into account and can result in lower search ranking.

You need to have a video on your gig. Fiverr gives more traffic to gigs with videos, and especially to gigs with recently updated videos. Traffic doesn’t itself determine ranking, but where there’s smoke there’s fire.

In that sense, you can even ask your clients to favorite your gig. Write it in your gig description: “Click the <3 at the top of the page to favorite this gig and I’ll love you forever!” Gigs that are favorited by a lot of people are one of the ways Fiverr’s search algorithms determine the cream of the crop.

High ratings are an important factor in getting ranked, but my experience has shown me that fast delivery is even more important. There are other sellers in my parent- and sub-categories that have been here long than I have, and who have made more sales than I have, and who also have a 5.0 rating, but because I deliver my orders faster, Fiverr’s search algorithms rank me higher.

Another key indicator that Fiverr looks for to determine ranking is repeat clients. Do your best to service all new clients, but do your best to maintain your existing clients.

Finally, Fiverr also measures the impact of external traffic. If you’re expecting to create a gig and let Fiverr do all the work, then you’re simply wrong. Fiverr isn’t an end, but a means to an end, so you absolutely must be promoting yourself outside of Fiverr. The amount of external traffic you bring to your gig is an important measurement in determining your ranking because - duh - Fiverr is going to give more attention to sellers who do more of their own work.

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Hi, welcome to the world’s best online freelancing site fiverr. You can rank your gigs by

  1. Placing a professional display image
  2. Place a professional display video which describes your services
  3. Keyword filled description, you can go through similar gigs of yours to get an idea
  4. Promote, Promote and Promote, especially FB,Twitter and YT
  5. Create a video in youtube which describes your services
  6. Post your ads on FB business and Google plus groups
  7. Post your ads on Business forums
  8. Always over deliver
  9. Make a better relationship with clients and make them happy, so you will get recurring orders as well as tips
  10. Keep your overall rating high
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It do. TRS appears first. Indirectly seniority means review. If someone is using fiverr from 1 year, he is senior than newly joined user. He would have pretty much reviews.
And yeah! When fiverr give you level 2 badge, they say that they will show your gigs in search more (I don’t know exact words but I have read it somewhere else on their site. Maybe on Levels page)
Plus it’s my personal experience. I had 10 unique views each day on level 1 but now I get 100+ daily. It is clearly seen that It has something to do with Levels and reviews (Better Levels+Greater reviews = Seniority)

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