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Buyer hasn't filled out the right info and isn't responding


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I’ve got a buyer for a gig that ships the product to their home, it’s automatic, it’s mentioned in my gig description and everything, but instead of a mail address they just put their email. I noticed this immediately and on the order page I told them that is was a gig that shipped the product, I can’t contact them outside fiverr, and if they just want the digital file, I was pretty sure I couldn’t return the shipping fee and I would need a statement that they understood that before I could proceed.

They didn’t respond for a few days and the timer on the gig is going down. I sent them a message via conversation saying the same thing and that I would have to cancel the order if they didn’t respond by the time it hit 2 days, because that isn’t enough time to do it and I’m not going to do the gig unless the correct info is in place.

There are 18 hours until it hits 2 days, and I’m really not sure what I should do here. Any advice or go-to protocol? Is it considered a permissible reason to cancel? If they never come back to even accept the cancellation, would any of this be held against my account?

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