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Some reasons to leave Fiverr

Guest istrings

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Guest istrings

I am fairly new here, had a few gigs so far.

My first problem is that while I am offering highly professional work, I am getting only very poor amateur jobs.
Also, as a retired university professor, I am quite upset that many students are using Fiverr for doing their home work!
Especially annoying is if some have so bad english that I hardly understand a word, making correct execution of a gig really difficult.
Bargaining is a problem too, they all want as they say “a very simple job” to do for the $5, when I have to work some times 7-8 hours, not to mention the extra requirements after my delivery.

I thought Fiverr would make my life a bit better, but right now I think I’ll cancel my account to avoid a serious nervous breakdown.

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Welcome to the world of online work, where everything should be free and people are cheap…

If you want to share your knowledge and expertise, and you find yourself annoyed at how cheap it is here, then I think for you maybe the best thing is to give it away for free. Unless they’re horrible.

Price of admission to your knowledge: priceless!
Price of admission to be cheap: nothing, go away.

The best thing to do is to prostitute yourself for ratings then start pushing prices up. That is, I’m afraid, the best advice for here. If you’re living in Austria, it’s not terribly practical.

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Hello! It’s nice to see someone who is so experienced and professional on fiverr.
I hope you stay. The things you mention are simply part of doing business on the internet. It takes time, at least a year, before your gigs start to produce bigger, more expensive orders, or at least that was my experience. Remember that the minimum age

to join fiverr is 13, so take that into account since there are many teenagers using the site. And since this site is international there are many who struggle with using English.
If communication is difficult you can always request to cancel an order, since it might result in not delivering what the buyer expected.

You can tell buyers that it takes you 7 to 8 hours to produce what they want and require payment that is more reasonable. Some will not accept but some will.
Use the custom order form and send them a detailed description of what they will be getting from you and a more reasonable price. I think if you can stick it out for the long term you will eventually find this site very rewarding in many ways.

We all start at the bottom and if we are good at what we do we work our way up.
Many here earn thousands of dollars a month doing what they enjoy.

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