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What is wrong with my gig


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Ok, you have unlimited number of pictures you will revise for $5 for each package.
Change that to 3, 6, 10 per each package so it doesn’t look so desperate.

You highest priced gig says it include source file? But the buyer provides the source file
you are revising, so you are saying you will give them back their own source file for an extra $5? That doesn’t make sense.

Also, you are increasing the number of days you need to finish as you increase your prices for each package which makes no sense. Surely you can do this small amount of work for all 3 packages in 24 hours. There is no reason to increase the time you need to 5 days for the most expensive package. If anything the number of days you need should go down, not up, as they pay more.

Put each package at 1 or 2 days delivery at the most. This shouldn’t take anyone with any experience several days, especially when there are no orders in your queue, unless you have never worked at this before.

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