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I will write an Effective and ENGAGING script for you


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“Susan”, you are clearly not who you say you are, nor do you appear to speak English well enough to have “written thousands of scripts” in the past 5 years.

Misrepresenting yourself as someone you are not is a good way to get your gig removed from the Fiverr search results – or even deleted altogether.

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I can, and I have. I’ve been on Fiverr long enough to see the signs of someone who is pretending to be who they are not.

1.) Your English is very broken, and heavily indicative of someone who does not speak English as their native language. There are countless syntax and grammar errors in your bio and gigs. It is extremely clear that you are not an English-speaking American (as you claim to be). This is highly unprofessional of someone who claims to have been writing “thousands of scripts” “for over six years”. Your broken English is clear evidence that you are not who you claim to be.

2.) If you are indeed an American woman named “Susan”, then why the clear misspelling of “Susan” (as “sussan”) in your Fiverr name? If this is indeed your name, wouldn’t you know how to spell it correctly?

3.) That is not a photo of you. It is clearly a photo that you found somewhere on the internet. It even bears the watermark of a clipart company. 😉

Don’t pretend to be someone you are not, blatantly lie about who you are (hoping that those lies will bring more sales), and then play dumb when someone calls you out for it.

Us veteran Fiverr sellers can see right through your ruse, and we WILL call you out for it. We do this because we love Fiverr, and we do not want to see this site sullied by cheaters and liars who cannot present themselves honestly and professionally.

Be honest. Be you. If you can’t do these things, then you have no place here on Fiverr. Fiverr has been known to delete the accounts of users who seek to become successful through fraudulent actions.

You are clearly committing fraud.

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@sussan_the_best: Now, isn’t this interesting. You have two gig reviews. The first person who gave you a glowing review of your work is from Nigeria, and he has the same exact gig as you do – same exact title, a description that is almost word-for-word the same, and, you both use the same image in your gig gallery.

The other guy (with the same exact gig) has been on Fiverr since October 2015. You started on Fiverr this month (February 2016).

But here’s an even more compelling question… why would someone whose gig you are copying, order an exact copy if his own gig from you, and leave you your first glowing 5-star review?

The answer is simple.

I submit that you and he are the same person. Which means, you have two Fiverr accounts. Which, in turn, means, you are breaking the Fiverr one account per person rule.

Not only are you committing fraud by pretending to be someone you are not, you are being 100% dishonest, you are breaking the rules of Fiverr by having multiple accounts, you are posting 5-star reviews on your own multiple accounts, and you’re lying to all of us here on the forums (by participating in multiple forums as innocent “Susan”, when you’re probably some guy scammer from Nigeria).

And what’s worse, you’re not nearly as clever as you think you are.

Shame on you, Mr. Nigeria. Shame on you. Scammers never prosper.

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Thanks for pointing this out, @jonbaas. Please be sure and report both users to Customer Support under the Trust and Safety dropdown. I will do the same.

Anyone else reading this thread who cares about honesty and Fiverr reputation is also encouraged to report people who break the Fiverr Terms of Service. “Sussan” has also broken the forum rules in this post and in other post by promoting services in the incorrect categories.

This thread remains up to remind people to make a report and to warn those who might consider creating multiple accounts and/or otherwise cheating. These are the types of things that keep buyers from wanting to take a risk on newer sellers who are really trying to do their best.

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