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Well, there really is no fixed way of writing a message, when sending a message to buyer.

If you are sending a message for a job in the buyer request section.
A Hey, Hi, or Hello, is appropriate. The body of the message is up to you, however, it should be in line with the buyers request. You can decide to talk about the qualification in the message. You can end with a thanks or regards or best regards, that’s up to you.

Here is a common message used by some
Hey Koiner, I would like to offer my services for your gig request.

What to write when delivering an order. Consider the following;

1.Start with a happy expression such as; Horray, Yipee and the likes

  1. Inform your client that if they are not satisfied with the job. They should contact you, before rating the service.

  2. Inform your client; you would want he/she to leave a good rating if they are satisfied with the service

This basically the steps for writing a good delivery message.

I hope this helps.

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Oh dear.

  1. “Hurray” “yippee” (note correct spellings) mark you out as a hyperactive amateur, not a professional. Don’t do this, especially if you can’t spell these words. Your application will end up in the trash.

  2. Wasting precious limited characters on the assumption they’re going to hire you and should give you a great review? After your Horray yippee, that trash can just got filled up twice.

  3. See above. This is duplicate bad advice.

Just write to the prospect and direct them to your appropriate gig and note that you can help them fix their problem, and if they are interested to contact you since the character limit prevents you from addressing their concerns.

You focus on THEM, you let THEM know that you can help THEM and then you tell THEM that you are open for discussion about THEIR needs.

You can follow the above advice and end in the trash, or stand out from 99% of respondents. Do also make a copy of their request because apparently Fiverr doesn’t let you see them anymore and you wouldn’t want to look like an incompetent moron and lose the sale.

EDIT: if that’s not crystal clear, golden rule of good business is that you focus on the customer. Note the above advice to mine is all about MY reviews, MY happiness. Where’s the compulsion to choose you over a professional who has addressed limitations and offered solutions as well as directed you to something you can read to decide for yourself?

Crap advice, dudes. Maybe mine is too, but it’s less crap. I think.

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It depends on how much the buyer had explained his Job. If he had Explained everything then you Should Explain him that how would you Do the Job and why are you the Most eligible Person for the Job. So simply Focus on the Request Completely and write with your Own Words.
Mostly People use Copy Paste Messages when replying to a Buyer Request but don’t do that because it won’t give you Sales(Maybe you get one If its your Lucky Day) and In the End Leave a word like “I am Looking Forward to have the Opportunity to work with you”. So use your own words. The More you Explain the Job the more you have a Chance to get it.

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