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Fiverr\'s Mobile APP Experience for Sellers and Buyers


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Hello everyone, i am here today to express my experience with Fiverr mobile app.
Most of the sellers and buyers can’t reply in real time, but Fiverr Allow them to make it possible with an awesome Fiverr Mobile APP which is available for both Platforms - Google Play Store for Android Users and on AppStore for IOS Users.
with this app specially i can quickly reply to your buyers or sellers. This is a very perfect app for both sellers and buyers, connectivity with the internet is perfect, and you can also get real time notification from Fiverr App in your Mobile notification bar. i am a very happy and satisfied user of Fiverr App , recommend you to Download and Install and get great response.
Lastly i am extremely happy to let you know all Fiverr users, the the UI (user interface) of this App is very easy and everything is just one touch away from you. 🙂

Thanks Fiverr - RUBYGRAPHIX

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I went out tonight to arm wrestle with some Greeks (I fared badly, thanks for asking) and I did have one alert from Fiverr. It said, “hello”

I wrote back “hello, can I help you?”

3 hours later and no reply. I did impress everyone with my attempt at limbo, though.

So that’s my experience.

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