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Measure Your Big Package With This Length Tool [VERBOSE TIP 4 BUYERS]


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Sorry gents, you still need a ruler. Onto the topic at hand. So to speak.

So they just rolled out the word length tool. For your count. Your word count, do keep up. I’m slowly getting a firm grasp on the subject, and it’s pretty clear that Fiverr is moving towards a platform where once you’ve got enough ‘rep’ (levels), you can set your own prices.

Now, anyone who has been on the forum for a while will know there is a sub-species of buyer who thinks Fiverr has lost the plot, because goshdarnit, it’s called g******* Fiverr. Fair point. In the same breath, some same sellers will say “I didn’t get what I paid for”. Say you buy a luxury handmade wooden watch for $20. It’s none of those things. If you did your research, you’d know that in 5 minutes and save that money. The same goes for traffic gigs. Everything is literally a lazy search term and minutes away from you.

See, both of us are here for the convenience. It’s convenient for sellers: no more bidding on arseholes. Convenient for buyers–just order, go and hope for the best. But wait–are you measuring their big package, or just taking their marketing BS at face value?

Wouldn’t you rather spend $20 more or whatever for a service that anywhere else costs $200? Adjust prices for industry. You’ll be happy you did in the long run.

Don’t forget, a project gone wrong costs time as well as $$$. That’s arguably more important.

I couldn’t find a way to work the word member into this. Bonus length to anyone who can! Or indeed any other amount of euphemisms and puns.

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