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Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?


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I want to sell my Gigs, but I feel like there is something wrong I am doing, or not doing that is keeping my revenue very low.

I use my Twitter account to advertise and link back to my Gig I have where I would draw out somebody in a picture or their friend if wanted (no twitter/similar site linking allowed from Fiverr if I remember correctly, I hope).

I would draw out “examples” of my art style so they would know what I could do, and if I have what they are looking for. My recents would be made known on my Twitter.

I really sometimes think it is because I am not being social enough, using the right media sites, or also that I have not shown my real face for my profile/used my real name.

Does these circumstances make potential buyers disconnect with me upon first look?

Though it may seem like it, I am not expecting/looking for anyone who can help me with this problem to click my Gig(s) just for the sake of views. I want help.


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