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Fiverr, we have to talk. Why are you cheating on me?


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I’ve been monitoring my gigs performances since I noticed a drop in impressions etc…
I then discovered that fiverr is explicitly not showing my gigs when a user is searching for it. This is very outrageous from them especially considering the enormous fees applied.
So if a skillfull admin is reading or curating my post, may I have an explanation?
Why won’t you list my gigs?

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Fiverr ist shifting gigs around quite fequently. Are you visible in search at all? If not you need to adjust your keywords in your gig title, gig description, also make sure to chose the right category and apply reasonable tags.

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I didn’t realize that you were so special and talented that you should automatically be featured in all searches. My sincere apologies. Let’s grab some pitchforks and stone the algorithm! OK, grab some stones as well. Big ones, we really want to bloody the bastards.

Dunno why you’re moaning about the 20% fee either. You only pay that if you get paid, it’s not like you’re getting the blood sucked out off your lifeless body by a vampire who has devilishly hid you from search results…

Of course, as you have expertly summarized, it IS a malevolent conspiracy against you. Time to hit up a lawyer!

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I don’t know why you came up here to write your pamphlet miss Top Seller. Great for you if you’ve got everything sorted out! Good for you if you are fiverr blessed and all. I’m still trying to figure it out. Would you expect me to go along when people cannot find my gig while searching? Sorry then . I know that you’re a writer and not a mathematician, so let me tell you 0 gig listed means 0 revenue; hope you followed me.
If you came here to be this kind of person it was the wrong place, there’s sidewalks for that.

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Oh, look at you two.

a) MATH: you have 0 gig listed and 0 revenue. Why do you complain about the 20%?

b) search is an automatic algo which is apparently going through renovation.

No, don’t lie, you are getting gigs. You just want to pull the fast one of “where are the crowds of buyers?” So why come here and whine disingenuously about not getting found when you obviously are? You are more “Fiverr blessed” than others, after all.

@essyjoseph: try speaking for yourself and not speaking in your mother’s voice. Look at the evidence and speak what you think. If you can’t or won’t, that’s fine, but don’t bleat in my direction.

[paragraph removed by me for being pompous and irrelevant]

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I just searched for the word “bitcoin” and the second gig listed just had a one sentence description without any extras, packages etc.

There are very few gigs under that keyword. Is that the keyword your first gig should
show up under?

Emmaki I looked for your gig with packages and couldn’t find it. I was curious to see how you handled it.

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It’s my popular offering of “I will tell you your website sucks” or something like that. I did it a few days ago and haven’t touched it since so I can’t recall exactly, but the packages were the first “option”. It was a bit confusing for me since I’m used to the pre-gig ways. If you look at the actual gig, you’ll see the “package” (I can still package it up!) comes first with the extras after. One thing I found confusing was I could write an extra but it would be deleted if I used it in a package, and that seemed to be just from using a certain word.

It’s not a serious gig 🙂

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@emmaki Go and take your pills because you have something going on!
I came here to know if it was normal for a market like Fiverr not to list your products. For you it’s completely normal, there’s nothing wrong with it 😕 . For me that’s not fair at all.
a) You still get the maths wrong, cause apparently you don’t have logic. Sure 0 times anything is zero, I never said I was earning zero, I just used my freedom of speech to say that for such high fee (20% + Paypal fees) I expect a better service than no listing in search results.
b) At least some communication could help there.
@essyjoseph Words of wisdom

PS: stop using big words, it only shows your weaknesses, keep it where needed :

I hate this
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Nolaan, you keep replying to other people on this topic with misleading claims that search is “broken.” It is not accurate to use “broken” for something that is working as intended, but when people say their gigs have stop showing in search, this has been your regular comment. Once and for all, search is not guaranteed. It has been stated in ToS and by CS. Here are some direct examples:

Excerpts from ToS:

“Gigs may be removed from our Search feature due to poor performance and/or user misconduct.”


Fiverr CS also uses a canned message to respond on this which includes some version of this:

"The services you have offered on Fiverr is not in our editorial focus and guidelines. Your account does not appear in our search results. You’re more than welcomed to submit new gigs via your Fiverr account and continue to offer new and unique services for future evaluations by our editorial team.

[CS RepName] – Fiverr Customer Support"

Now, @nolaan, please stop responding to posts about search problems unless you have constructive advice. Clearly, some gigs are not displayed in search for various intentional reasons.

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