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Bad Practice by Seller


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Just had a terrible experience with a supposedly Level One seller. I needed a vector illustration conversion/edit which, involved tracing a logo from text (typeface) and adding some detail. The guy wrote back to me assuring me that he could to the work and basically telling me how brilliant he was.

He then promptly jumped on to the internet and found an awful freeware font that he thought looked like what I wanted and delivered that instead.

When I provided my feedback he quickly requested a cancellation (to avoid further complaint I suspect), saying I wasn’t offering enough for the gig. Funny, but he never complained about this when he took the gig - and, had he asked, I would have paid more if necessary to get what I wanted.


I’ve had some brilliant experiences on Fiverr. This is not just a random rant.

• Sellers - It’s no good complaining after the event about low fees - you set them and the buyers either accept or reject them.

• If you can’t/won’t do the work, don’t take the gig.

• Customers are not fools - we know when we’re being scammed.

• There should be a transparent and clear complaints mechanism on Fiverr, to help police the tiny minority of fraudulent/incompetent sellers. Allowing the seller to initiate a cancellation when the buyer is still unhappy is wrong.

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I agree so right!

What happens to me in similar situations is to continuously have to explain to buyers why the cost of their project is more than $5 and how top quality work costs more than bad, rushed jobs.

In about 1 of 10 orders, this is what I come across. The buyer agrees to the price and I start working, he loves what I did and then asks if it’s possible to see a different interpretation which he ends up loving the same amount. At this point I ask him which one to deliver and he wants both.

This is where I find myself in a tight spot because the buyer changed the terms of our agreement. So In return I set a 50% off price for the second design. At this point I had have buyers decline my offer and then leave a 4 star review saying that I pushed a sale on them.

  • I explain very clearly and politely why he/she needs to make another purchase to get an extra design that we initially did not agree on.
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You ran into a bad seller. They are out there. The nature of this platform is that anyone can set up a gig no matter if they are good or not. A level 1 seller is fairly new.

I’ve found amazing designers and writers here but they all had at least 1000 positive feedbacks over years. I save myself a lot of problems by being very careful about who I hire.

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