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Using the Report Button in the Forums


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The report button on the forum does work, and it’s time to discuss it! Many recent reports are actually being done by users who are reporting their own posts. At least a couple of other users accidentally reported a large number of posts because they meant to indicate approval of the post. I decided to clarify what the report button is for in a temporarily pinned post.

The report button at the top of each post is intended for users to report broken forum rules. In most cases that should be either due to spam,extremely abuse, incorrect category, etc. There are occasions when reporting one’s own post would be appropriate, such as a post made accidentally that needs to be removed.

Please do not use the report button for the following:

-If indicating that you like the post, use the “thumb” button to “like” the post instead of the report button.
-If replying to a post, use the reply button, not the report button.
-If you disagree with the post but it does not violate the rules, there is no need to report it. Users are allowed to voice controversial posts as long as they do not become excessively abusive or otherwise violate the forum rules.
-If you want to draw attention to your post for Fiverr staff, you may submit a Customer Support ticket and give CS a link to your post. Do not use the report button trying to attract staff attention. Forum admins are not staff and cannot help you with Support issues.

If that still leaves any confusion over what the report button is or is not for, feel free to reply to this post with questions. [Note: Post is now closed to comments after a waiting period.] Be aware that after a time period, the replies or even the entire thread may be removed if it is no longer bringing value to the forum.

Thank you!


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Those are valid reasons and most accidents are singles and easy to fix. For having a post deleted, if it’s not too late it helps to edit and put “delete please” plus click report. (Sometimes you can’t.)

This recent issue was several different people all clicking report multiple times on posts that appeared OK. There were 19 reports after I was away just a couple of hours and only 2 were plain spam. So, this post was just to clarify. Thanks!

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I do think some people just get confused. I just unreported them if it’s a mistake or two. It was odd on the days I mentioned because some users that aren’t “regulars” we’re just clicking report on lots of random posts. Some were controversial and they may have been trying to get them removed which isn’t going to happen just for that. 🙂

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