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Does adding packages effect Fiverr gig rank?


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Does adding packages effect Fiverr gig rank? For example if one was to set their gig package to $10 instead of the standard $5?

I’m mainly curious to ask those in the design-related categories that have been using the packages service for a while now. I suppose for those that may be utilizing the feature here in the near future I would be curious to know too thanks 🙂

Note: I didn’t add these attachments. If someone can detach them great. They don’t seem to remove when I try.

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@freelancemm: Yes it does affect your rankings but in a positive way.

I have read on many topics that creating gig package gives you advantage as Fiverr is rolling out the new feature & giving advantage to people who are supporting this feature over the people who are still using the old one.

I may be wrong but this is what I have read on Forum so just sharing it with you 🙂

Thank you 🙂

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Do you have links to those posts? I would be interested to read them.

My thought is that being as not only is it a new feature, but it ultimately makes Fiverr more money that they would probably help boost the ranks for this gigs. Hopefully more people respond to this soon as I think the feature comes out later today!

How has your sales been going, did you seem to stay about the same with traffic too?

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I have noticed that my gig lost its position in the search and has come 6 or 7 rows below after upgrading it to package format.I don’t think it has anything to do with the pricing.

Fiverr recommended me to switch to package format for higher position in the search, 🙂
but I don’t know why it worked just the opposite way.

I hope this is a problem during the transition period and will get sorted out in a couple of weeks.

Cheers 🙂

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I added gig packages to my gigs without any difference at all. I didn’t notice an increase or decrease of traffic, it only seems to effect me in regards to new gigs I create(In a good way most of the time.)

Update: I actually moved up since last I checked on the gig I used packages on. So it seems to work out positively for me, perhaps because I am actually generating sales off of it where-as I look at gigs near it on the keywords that haven’t sold anything in months.

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