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What did you do to raise your ratings?


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Hello Fiverr,

I am hoping someone can offer their suggestions.

So a little back story, I joined in Feb 2015 and was off to a great start with some interesting illustrations and 5 star ratings. Then in Aug, I had messed up by missing a deadline and the buyer cancelled which of course left a bad rating. Since that time I was pretty much offline.

Now that I am back on Fiverr and want to give this another go. Any suggestions from anyone who was in similar situation? What did you do to help increase traffic and interest to your gigs?

I have shared my profile Facebook, Twitter, and changed the descriptions and pricing.

I appreciate any feedback and suggestions.

Thank you,

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Offer a killer deal. Don’t say that it’s a special deal or limited time offer, either: only you know that the price is 1/2 of what it ought to be. Or even less than that. Set your price at whatever it takes to get sales rolling in, and do your best to get positive reviews. This will be enough to bump you up toward the top of the list of high-ranked sellers in your category, and after you’ve reached the place you want to be, bring your prices back in line with what you want to earn. This is how I started on Fiverr, and I’m now ranked in the top 4 sellers in my category. As long as you’re good at what you do, you’ll keep your position and earn the income you want.

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Some other advice for you:

You should change your primary preview photo from the picture of the woman with the octopus (?) to the B&W picture of the child. You might be really fond of the primary picture you chose, but my first impression is that it’s not nearly as impressive as the B&W picture of the child.

Also, get rid of the stipulation that buyers should contact you first. I understand why you put it there, but it’s an instant turn-off for buyers. You might as well replace it with, “I don’t want to do business with you.” I’m not joking, that’s EXACTLY what you’re saying.

Again, I understand that buyers are impulsive and sometimes just plain stupid - which means you can’t always deliver what they want - but if you increase your delivery time by another 2-3 days you’ll have the wiggle room you need to fix problems as they appear. And if a client doesn’t respond within 24 hours to your request for more information or a better explanation of what he or she wants, just send a request for mutual cancellation. You can word it like this:

“Dear Client, I apologize but I must refund your order. I require additional information from you to complete this work, but it’s been more than 24 hours since I last contacted you and I haven’t heard back from you. If you still want to do business with me, please refuse this request for mutual cancellation and provide the information I requested. If not, please accept this request for mutual cancellation and have a great day!”


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Another option when you get that far down is to actually talk with Customer Support about a fresh start. You need their help and permission to do this right, though, so don’t try to just do it without that. Sometimes when your percentage is low enough that buyers won’t take a risk you may have to try something different.

If you have too much trouble, you can submit a ticket to Customer Support and explain what happened. You can ask them if they will consider closing your account and allowing you to open a new one and start over on Fiverr. Your percentage may still be high enough to allow recovery, but this is something to consider if it doesn’t work out.

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Hi phuly01… Yes you can add some new unique gigs. Killer Gigs you know what i mean… add some different gigs. give your 200 % for each order and try to get positive review. and if you feel your order is going to die means your buyer is going to you a negative review. Just do simple cancel the order. Here are some short tips for getting a positive review

  • Give buyer his work in professional way.
  • Fast Response & Good Communication.
  • Fast Delivery as soon as you can.
  • Never rude to buyer. be Polite always.
  • give Buyers some offers.
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