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Fiverr Certificate


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hello there, i am new at fiverr and i’ve done 2 or more jobs with nice rating too.
I was wondering that “fiverr” is a freelancing site. and also that i’ve gained some experience of it.
so, i am asking that is there any way i can get a Certificate from Fiverr.com itself.
i just need a certificate just in case, if i apply anywhere for some job i could show 'em the experience certificate.
if there is…what is the procedure to apply for it, or simply How would i get it ?
i’ll be waiting for your response ,thank you.

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There is no certificate that I am aware of. Since Fiverr is just a platform to sell on, when you do work here you are actually running your own business. It isn’t like working for Fiverr as an employee. If you want to put Fiverr on your resume, you just list yourself as a freelance worker.

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