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My gigs have been removed fro fiverr search for no reason-READ BELOW


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I have removed from fiverr search for non reason.

Are my gigs unique-yes

Have my gigs damage the site:No

Iv ever had bad reviews:No

I’m comply with fiver r policies:Yes

Did my gigs been removed of fiverr search for fiverr mistake:Yes

Is is happening again:Yes

Whats the reason:you tell me.

Do you have duplicate accounts:No

How many services have been denied:2

1 denied gig:posted 3 weeks ago,got denied today,removed by me,doesnt make sense.

1 denied gig :removed

CA robot answer:For the safety of our community, your position in our search results will not be restored at this time.

Thanks for reading.

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Reply to @vedmak:

Hi,Vedmak,Thanks for your point,but you cant call honest people spammers,just because Im telling the true,true should be always accepted,not when is convenient to the business,it should be convenient and accepted for both parties,that makes business successful.

I never had this kind of frustration.

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