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How can i become a featured gig


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Sell a sizable number of gigs and get quite a few strong reviews. Fiverr watches for gigs that are bringing in high sales and are very popular and those are typically the most likely to be featured. There is no guarantee of getting featured at all and no way to predict how long a gig would be featured either.

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if you are serious about this, you need to know you have a loooong way in front of you.

You need 4 things:

A) an original offering, or one that has a clear edge over other similar gigs

B) 0 or close to zero cancellation rate (mutual cancellations are OK)

C) A LOT of positive reviews, like A LOT-LOT. 🙂

D) consistency in your deliveries and communication with buyers. Always give your 110%

That won’t get your gig featured, but it would definitely get you in the selection pool where editors make considerations.

Hope that helps.

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A feature gig receives hundreds of orders in a short period of time. So Fiverr actually features those gigs who can handle this huge number of orders
The path to become Feature is simple

  1. Deliver your gig on time.
  2. Don’t compromise the quality (buyer reviews are the best indicators of quality work)
  3. Deliver as promised.

Note: Gigs with 24 hours Express delivery usually got featured

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i don;t think so that fiverr actually featyres those gigs who can handle huge number of orders only… There are so many sellers on fiverr they are professionals and they can do lots of work. hard working people you know. But even they are not getting the featured gigs.

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Here are some short tips for getting a positive review. it can help you for increase your sales.

  • Give buyer his work in professional way.
  • Fast Response & Good Communication.
  • Fast Delivery as soon as you can.
  • Never rude to buyer. be Polite always.
  • give Buyers some offers.
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It’s gotta be luck. Honestly.

I have 100% 5 stars ratings. I always deliver my orders within 1 hour, most of the time in less time than that. 100% response rate, 100% delivered orders. Response time: 1 hour. Customers come back over and over. Honestly, I can’t see a way of making it better, I try REALLY hard to keep this numbers. Three years in a row trying hard.

It’s gotta be luck. Honestly. I can’t find other explanation.

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