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Leaving Feedback for Scam Sellers


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Sadly Fiverr has become so populated with a lot of shady people offering shady/lousy work. And sadly a lot of people fall for this, despite them reading several positive reviews about the seller. This has happened to me several times, including the most recent one.

In this case, I asked for and got a refund, BUT, I was unable to leave a review for the seller, which I think is wrong, cos the purpose of a review id to leave feedback about your experience with the seller. It matters nothing that the transaction didn’t conclude.

In this case, I would have left a true and negative feedback informing any potential future buyer that the seller in question was an almost certain fraud, who is almost certain to plagiarize your work almost word for word as s/he did mine.

This would simply serve as a warning to future buyers to buy at own risk.

BUT ALAS, Fiver will not allow me warn future buyers, therefore propagating the existence and flourish of these no good sellers.

PS* btw, the seller in this case is https://www.fiverr.com/************ Buy from him/her at your own risk. AND NO, that person IS NOT/CANNOT BE in the United States. Still all part of the scam.

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A good tip for anyone buying writing gigs: Read the gig description thoroughly before buying. If the gig description is riddled with grammatical errors and doesn’t sound like it was written by a native English speaker, your content will probably be riddled with grammatical errors and won’t sound like it was written by a native English speaker.

You /did/ have the opportunity to leave feedback, but you exchanged it for your money back. Unfortunately (in cases where sellers really are scamming buyers) but also fortunately (in cases where sellers use cancellations to protect themselves from unreasonable or malicious buyers), buyers are only allowed to leave feedback if they actually pay for the product.

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