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Why you should get Fiverr branded payoneer card instead of simple payoneer card


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Hi, Everyone just wanted to share something with the new sellers. I dont really know how to convey my message so here i go…

We all know there are two options to widraw our funds using fiverr first one is Paypal and second is Payoneer. But paypal is not available in all the countries so we have other option like payoneer.
As Fiverr has affiliated with Payoneer we have the option to get a fiverr branded payoneer card. So you might think so whats the big deal both are same…
Well here’s the deal when you have a fiverr branded payoneer card you dont pay 30$ annual maintenance fee.
Yes you heard me no annual fees so if you are getting started or going to get a payoneer card be sure to get the fiverr branded card instead of Simple payoneer card.
I hope this helps someone. thanks again.

Also if this help you please like the thread and also leave a comment.
Best Regards

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Hey, really? I was discouraged about getting Payoneer because it had loads of fees. That would be great if the $30 maintenance fee is really waived! Is there an official article or site perhaps where we can read more about the benefits of the Fiverr Payoneer card?

Thank you for the input! I was really wondering why people loved Payoneer over Paypal.

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@saadiworld correctly made a comment about keeping the thread clean in response to one of two people who posted ads on this thread. Other sellers should take note. The spam posts were removed. Do not post ads, links to your gigs/profile or anything else like that in this thread, this category, or any category except My Fiverr Gigs. Ads are spam in any other part of the forum. (Thanks to @saadiworld for helping remind people to keep threads spam-free.)

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I still feel Payoneer is not the best option but the only available option in Pakistan. It’s very expensive. I work on ******** and withdraw through direct bank transfer by Transpay, I wish Transpay offers direct bank transfer method on Fiverr too.

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Just my 2 cents about the payment methods…

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FATCA and OECD's Automated Exchange of Information (CRM)

Hello All, I don't know why the Internet has not blown up about this yet, but both US and the prepaid MasterCard issuer Choice Bank's country Belize signed these treaties. So my question is... Do the owners of Payoneer Prepaid cards will have to...

As far as my research has gone up till today, I’m now 99% sure that PayPal remains unseen IF you’re not a U.S. citizen. Hope that helps.

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