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Digital Marketing category changes


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From 31st of January, the Online Marketing category will be changing to add new features, such as packages, restructuring some sub categories and adding new ones as well as changing name to “Digital Marketing” to better reflect the services being offered there.

See announcement here: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/announcing-digital-marketing-category-updates/

Please share your feedback, suggestions or concerns here in this thread.

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Great news, I am probably going to at least double my profits on every order now! My biggest worry is making too many changes to some of my older gigs that may actually impact how I rank. It would be nice to add package deals, but not at the cost of losing tremendous exposure. I guess i’ll try it out when it’s out on some of my lesser gigs and see how it effects exposure. That’s the rough part. Knowing i’ll still get orders at higher prices, but potentially losing rank depending on how their algorithm works for the new packages.

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