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Announcing Digital Marketing Category Updates


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It’s a new year and we’re happy to announce a makeover for the Online Marketing category.

We recently reviewed this category to see how well the current structure was working for the community and meeting marketplace demands.

We discovered some opportunities to optimize this category by updating category names, streamlining subcategories, and adding some new subcategories - all of which are changes that will contribute to a better experience of shopping and selling on Fiverr.

Here’s our plan and how it impacts you.

What’s New:

As of January 31, Online Marketing will be called Digital Marketing, a name that we feel better represents what buyers want and can find in this category. In the coming weeks, we’ll also launch Gig Packages in a range of Digital Marketing subcategories. Here’s an example of a Gig Package in the SEO subcategory:


Based on our analysis into where the biggest demand from buyers exists as well as where the biggest opportunities for growing traffic are, we’re adding some new subcategories, too:

Content Marketing: Includes services related to creating and distributing content to attract and engage audiences.

Influencer Marketing: Includes services related to all aspects of identifying influencers or working with or through influencers to market a product or service.

Email Marketing: Services related to the creation and distribution of marketing emails to consumers, using services such as Mailchimp, Sendgrid, Marketo, etc.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Services related to promoting websites by increasing visibility in search engine results pages (using PPC).

Mobile Advertising: Services related to promoting products or services to mobile and smartphone consumers, including SMS texts, apps, QR codes, etc.

Local Listings: Services related to creating, improving or maintaining a business’s listing on local websites, directories and search engines.

Marketing Strategy: Services related to achieving business goals via digital marketing.

Gig Migration:

In order to make our structural updates work, we plan to migrate Gigs to different subcategories in the coming days.

If your Gig is among those being migrated, don’t worry. These changes won’t impact search results, nor will they impact top selling Gigs in any subcategory. There’s no action required from you - we’ll move your Gig to the subcategory where it will be seen by the most relevant buyers.

You’re welcome to create new Gigs that align with the new Digital Marketing subcategory structure, but we don’t recommend modifying existing Gigs from one Gig service type to another.

Questions? Comments? Join the discussion.

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