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Buyer Spamming


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I had a buyer order a gig that I believe to be spam. It was a gig for me to write a blog post but they want me to write a review on trip advisor and gave me exact instructions on how to do it for them. They have only been on fiverr for four days. What do I do.

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I requested a cancel but I do not want that to effect my account. Also this was his message to my buyer instructions


I was trying to discussed from other accounts about doing

Reviews for a Business and I thought you might agree.

I am on a very tight schedule I know you can do this in no time

That is why I selected you

It should take you no more than 15 Minutes.

Please click the Link below for your Instructions:


I Just ordered this gig. Please proceed ASAP.

Post should be verified.

Kindly give me the date of post shown when verified so we can finalize the Gig.

Do not set the status of gig to " gig complete" unless post is verified.

no need to worry about the deadline of the gig.

I will be ordering of these weekly if this gig is done according to the steps given in the link.


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Is this one of those orders where if you click on the link it will send you to a fake page having you have to re type in your password and username/email as if you need to log into your Fiverr account again? This sounds a lot like that scam that was going around. If you clicked on that link and had to re log into Fiverr, you should check your earnings and email attached to your Fiverr to see if this is the same scam by some French speaking person.


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