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Marketing Gigs for Traffic?


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I just wanted to know from serious buyers who have had any kind of success in Traffic building into Conversion of Sales.
The $5 gigs are so many. Then I have this one seller who swears that for $100, he can bring unlimited traffic and after 30 to 40 days according to his experience, he gets Conversions to sales.
How can I hold him to his promise? Do I release his money if his Gig is in progress for 30 to 40 days? How does this work.
If anyone has had any kind of success using a Professional on Fiverr who charges more than regular but has a proven record for Sales Conversion, Please share that info with me.
Thanks guys

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This is complete rubbish.
How can he guarantee sales? Can he control people and make them buy your product/service? Of course not! What he can do after 30-40 days is ignore you as the time you can complain to Customer Service is over and he can keep your money regardless of the fact that he has not delivered.
All a Traffic seller can do is deliver traffic - they CANNOT guarantee sales unless they are going to buy the product themselves (which is not going to happen).
Many traffic gigs are simply bots which are useless as they are not real people. Others are through legitimate channels such as pop-up or pop-under ads. Depending on what your site is about these may be useful. Buying 10,000 visitors through pop-up or under ads is similar to buying 10,000 flyers and handing them out to the public (though it is quite a lot cheaper).
You might get lots of results, you might get none - it is as simple as that.
I know these things as I own a website that offers pop-under ads.
From my experience, a nice website with good content gets results, a bad website full of ads and affiliate links will get nothing.

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I find Google and Bing are best if they are done well, Facebook is useless in terms of sales.
Search for Bing and Google coupons/vouchers on Fiverr, I bought one from a guy here and it was a $200 Bing voucher for $10 and it worked perfectly, you must be a new user though. Message me if you want a link to his gig.

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I work for a Digital Marketing company, and from personal experience and training, anyone who drives traffic to your site and GUARANTEES sells for your business is LYING!

Has he reviewed your product or sales funnel? How is he sure even if he sends 20,000 hits they will convert?

The best a seller like this can do is guarantee TARGETED traffic e.g People who are already searching for the services you offer. That will definitely help in higher conversion numbers. That’s about it.

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