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There is no single answer for your question. Some sellers saw their first sale within their first week. Other sellers waited a month or more. Sales depend upon what buyers are looking for. They will order from you if they feel that you are able to provide a service that they need.

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I agree with @jonbaas, sales do depend on what they are looking for, buyers tend to purchase from sellers who have already had sales.

The best way is a waiting game, it took me around a couple of weeks to gain my first order and yet another week for my next. It eventually picked up from there, and I’m very thankful for my patience as everything kicked off from there.

Sharing your gigs across social media helps improve your gigs sale rate by three times, just make sure you share quality posts and use appropriate hash tags.

Optimise your gig for the right keywords, make sure that your gig has appropriate and strong keywords and try to focus on one of those keywords which you can add into the title of your gig, adding this to the description will also help.

Hope this helps, and best of luck with your sales!

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Well, another thing if you could answer, after how many gig views you generally get your first sale?

Also, if you promote your gig through social media using the same hashtags over and over, will it not be spamming?
I guess, it will be.
So, how are you really supposed to promote your gigs through social media?
Thanks in advance!

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