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Blocked Account


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A blocked account is not a Bug so this post is not in the right place either, but I’m leaving it here so you’ll see the responses. @jamshed_khan is correct. You will have to contact Fiverr Customer Support somehow. Normally you can submit a Customer Support ticket even through a blocked account, but you might be able to get someone from Fiverr to email you back through a ticket on your friend’s account. I don’t suggest using the friend’s account if you can do it with your own.

Access to the funds will depend on why you were blocked and what happened afterwards. If the funds were already returned to the source, you won’t be able to withdraw them no matter what. If they are still in your account, though, you might be able to. There is normally at least a 45 day waiting period after the date of the block. You will most likely have to at least prove your identity to Fiverr using proper identification that matches your original account. Those are your only options.

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