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Are these gigs of mine that hard to understand?


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Someone contacted me on this gig, asking what I need to give the correct price


So they haven’t read the gig, not surprise.

I practically copied pasted everything in the gig for them.

They then wanted the Detailed Storyboard.


They asked will the pictures in the storyboard be the ACTUAL pictures, I said no and told them to review the storyboard gig. We have been through about 10 messages at this point, and I repeatedly asked them to review both of the gigs. We came to the point of me sending custom offer for the storyboard.

But they kept asking will the pictures in the storyboard be the ACTUAL pictures that would be in the book, and acted surprise about giving credit to me to get the commercial rights.

Is the whole thing that hard to understand?

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I don’t find your gig hard to understand at all and my experience has been that it’s very common to get people messaging you and asking questions that are all answered in your gig if they would just read it through.

It can be annoying, but on the positive side, these questions helped me to improve my gig descriptions so everything was covered, there were no contradictions and or ambiguity (I hope)!

Love your illustrations!

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