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A buyer paid me $5 for a boo cover and I made my delivery. He didn’t do any respond until order completed automatically. After about a week he came and asked for a revision. And and I did it and sen the file as a message attachment because the order is already completed. Again he said he need a revision like wise I did 4 revisions. At the end of the day he asked for a refund.

Then I did it and I sent him the following message and cancelled the order

“think I have done more for what you paid. And also remember after the order is completed I did the revisions and now you are asking for refund. According to the rules after the order is completed we don’t need to do even revisions or refund. I have done 4 revisions and at the end you want a refund. That’s not fair. That’s ok if you are not happy I’ll do that.”

Today morning when I log in I had a warning from CS saying folowing

“We received reports that your interaction with other users has been unprofessional.

We would like to remind you to keep Fiverr fun and clean. It’s important to be polite, use appropriate language, and respond to other Fiverr users with respect and in a timely manner.

Note: These warnings may affect your eligibility for Levels, other features, and your account status.”

Is this because of that msg I sent to that buyer? Does anyone have same experiences like this? I don’t know what went wrong.

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Unfortunately not all buyers are awesome people.

A while ago a buyer of mine was extremely happy with the design I created and then I delivered all the files. A few days later he rates “outstanding experience” with a 4 star rating. I message him back asking what happened? the reply I got said. I gave you 4 stars by mistake I meant to give you 5. Then I kindly asked him to change the review if it’s incorrect. He then replied that he has no time for things like this and that I can refund his purchase and thus get the review removed.

If I was in your situation I would tell my side of the story to support. I’ve always found them very helpful and great people.


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I didn’t, it was during the holidays and I tried not to get to caught up in the negativity.

It’s one of very few less then perfect reviews that I have and I’m at 100% positive rating so it didn’t bother me that much.

But now thinking about it, I should, it’s something that is unfair and should not be overlooked.

Did you have a similar experience?

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