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Effect of Vacation mode on Sales


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I have recently used the vacation mode for a few hours and the ranking of my gigs fell but then I decided to change my situation by pausing my gigs for a few days because I really needed a brake for personal reasons. After reactivating my gigs, one of them appears on the same search position but all the others seem to be lost somewhere…and ranking has fallen a little bit, but I believe that this is normal.

I would advise you to use the gigs pause feature because after all the vacation mode can only be used for 28 days in a whole year period. So, better use the vacation mode for a very good and serious reason.

Also, if you pause your gigs do not forget to check your email for messages or your Fiverr inbox because I am sure that you wouldn’t want to decrease your response rate - and that’s a big disadvantage of pausing your gigs - but this is how it goes.

Happy Fiverring.

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