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Ah great, the response rate :P


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It took me a while to get my response rate up to 100%, and for a while I was able to
maintain that number, but due to some stuff at work and all other good stuff in life, I was not able to respond to one message within 24 hours. Now my response rate is down to 92%. ( I did respond to the message of course, maybe 30 hours later or so)
Wow one message, and I’m down 8%.

I mean it’s OK, for me the response rate is not THAT important, but simply seeing a
number going from 100 to under 95 is…mildly disappointing. 😛

I’m munching on my chocolate right now. For minor problems like this one,
chocolate usually works. Hahaha.

When you guys come across slightly annoying stuff here at Fiverr,
what do you guys do? Punch a pillow? Scream into a pillow? 😃

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Awe, that’s awesome!!
Back when I was a college kid, every time I felt stressed out I would go to a game arcade and play The House of the Dead. All you need to do is just shoot zombies, and boy did it help a lot.
Hmmm…I haven’t played that game for a while, maybe I should try it next time
I get annoyed with something. Or maybe I should try Diablo too! 😃

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