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Separate section for 24 hour gigs


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Here is my suggestion based on actual experience on fiverr when a couple of really fantastic things were tried for a couple of days which boosted sales through the roof:

a. Having a separate tab in the listings for 24 hours gigs : sales EXPLODED

b. Having various prices for each gig showing on the listings pages where thumbnails are, some gigs $15, some gigs $25 etc instead of all gigs showing as $5 — EXTRAS EXPLODED as people simply paid whatever price was displayed on the thumbnail, but alas that only lasted a couple of days

My dream would be to combine these two features so that under the 24 hours gigs you have the variety of gig prices showing on the thumbnails.

I hope the gig packages are tested before implementing them on a permanent basis.
I am all for changes that increase sales.

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