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Inaccurate Delivery Time shown to my customers


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I want to share this opinion with you guys and see if anyone else feels the same way:

For some time now, i have seen how my estimated delivery time has been slowly going up, right now sitting at 5 days, which is not really accurate and i believe causes a wrong impression on my gig.

¿How so? My writing service (in spanish) has a steady 3 days (most of the time 2 and a half days) delivery time, BUT, i have been getting a lot of big orders around x5 - x7 times my regular offer (mostly through personalized orders), which of course, takes longer to produce and i place a higher delivery estimated time, i think this is what is feeding my estimated delivery time on my gig front page.

(For example, i had 2 really big orders with a 30 days estimated delivery time)

But here’s the deal, i know that, i know the causes and im fine with it, but my potential customers who check my gig dont, they will see that my basic gig will take an estimated of 5 days, which isnt true. And yeah, in case you wonder, i do explain in my gig description that my gig takes around 72 hours to be delivered, but, i still feel i could potentially lose customers who will just leave my gig without reading further because my inaccurate estimated delivery time shows right on the top of it and its coming directly from Fiverr´s platform.

I woud love to hear some feedback,

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I believe the platform should show an estimated of “on time deliveries”, mine being 95% at the moment we speak. That, IMO, would prove a lot more beneficial for the seller and the buyer. As it would avoid lets say, another seller who sets a 3 day delivery est. but always gets it late and gets an 4 days estimated delivery, being then better than mine.

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