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New Seller Questions…


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I’m in the process of getting started with Fiverr and I’m trying to find something like an itemized list of New Seller requirements, limits etc.

Such as number of gigs I can create, extras if any I can offer, etc.

So far I have been through a lot of material on the subject of Fiverr in general but haven’t found anything that goes into any kind of specific or organized detail regarding this subject.

Obviously, as I am just getting started I want o up sale my gig as much as possible. I mean let’s face it; I really can’t offer much of any value for $5 with no means to upsell my services.

Is there a page that outlines the details of what is expected of a new seller, with specifics pertaining to things like number of gigs, extras, packages, so on & so on, etc, etc.

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If you are just starting out, I’d recommend putting together, at least, three very different gigs. If any of them sell, focus on those ones and expand your services from there. Personally, I wouldn’t throw your oar into upselling etc until you at least have a gig which seems to be in demand.

Either way, good luck!

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