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Collaboration Extras, adding other sellers on to our gigs to do collaborations


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Hey there awesome people, this hit me today as an easy way to get extras. We could have sellers we have partnered with under our extras along with ours, when a buyer purchases a gig with this, Fiverr gets their cut and the original seller get’s a cut (finder’s fee). You’ll need to price accordingly to cover this, but sales would jump because the buyer has taken a plunge with one seller and it’s easy to add on from there. For example, I’ll use my gigs.

-Customer buys business names from me and domains, but also wants logos or a good about me page. I don’t do logos or copywriting/writing.

-The buyer sees extras on my gig page along with my extras from other sellers that I vouch for and adds logos from another seller and copywriting from another.

-I do my work first, then the buyer likes a name, then I hand it to the graphic artist for logo creation. The copywriter too of course.

-All the work is returned to me and then passed on to the seller. Everyone receives their extra pay and gains.

This is a bit more complicated, but could easily work for some gigs. The ratings would fall on the main seller because they are the point of contact and vouch for the other sellers. Maybe there could be a collaboration fee even. Just thought I would share.


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