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Please house what are the benefit of being a Level 1 seller


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Hello Rebecca,
I’m a newbie seller on Fiverr (just competed my first order) but I assume there aren’t DIRECT benefits from reaching level one apart from the fact that you begin establishing your online presence/getting serious as the Levels article explains.

Reaching Level 1 makes you legitimate of offering more extras (2 extras plus extra fast delivery available to new sellers only) which may lead to increasing your revenues and I believe there are some perks like extra available applications for the Buyers’ requests, but I am not completely certain for this.

So, as stated previously, the indirect benefits for Level 1 is the fact that you start getting serious to the eyes of prospects because of the potent feedback your (at least) 10 prior clients left on the completed sales within the period of (at least) 30 days.

I hope my English makes sense…most of the time I translate from Greek what I want to say so, apologies if the above seems funny 🙂

Best of Luck,
Psychic Anne

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