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No Buyer Loves A New Seller


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As a new seller I’m not getting any sales. Even there is no good amount of reviews in my gigs too.

I have joined a facebook group regarding fiverr. There some peoples are exchanging gigs and getting review each other. And then they are getting sales on their gigs,

Actually buyers purchase from the sellers who have good amount of views and level. But those who don’t have what they will do?

I know exchanging gigs is prohibited in fiverr rules. And I don’t want to do this.

So what I will do to get sales as a new seller.

Fiverr has changed their system and search options too. Maybe thats why new sellers are dropping.

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I think the biggest problem with many new sellers is that they come to Fiverr, post a gig or two, and expect the sales and success to roll in. But that’s not how it works. You need to treat your gigs like a business. Promote it to people who are looking for your services (not to other sellers in a Facebook group that are “exchanging gigs”). Blog about it. Make sure the presentation of your gigs are spectacularly, eye-catching… and, something you need to work on – written in good English.

Fiverr gigs are your business. Treat them as such. Work hard, promote effectively, keep building your gigs as a business owner would build his business.

And, most of all, please listen to the advice other people are giving you on this forum. You’ve been given quite a few tips and nuggets of advice in other Fiverr forums, and yet you keep asking the same questions. YOU are responsible for your own success. If you’re not going to take that responsibility and make something of it, then you’re probably not going to last long here on Fiverr.

Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website. Many successful sellers took months to get to where they are now. Follow their lead, and realize that this will be a long journey for you – not an overnight success story.

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I don’t want to be rich overnight. But to visible in fiverr marketplace. I needs some reviews, Needs some sales.

And some months ago in-(march-august,2015) the marketplace was good enough. Even In New Accounts there was good amount of sales. But after (September,2015) maybe fiverr changed some technical issues. And now a days sales and views are not coming in new accounts.

Altough, I am promoting my gigs to fiverr forum, warriorfrorum, digitalpoint, topix, reddit, linkedin, facebook, and youtube.

Still there’s no sales. Even no massages.

In 2015 I get minimum 8-10 massages a day.
And at that time I’ve got $300 order a day, I have earned about $600+ in a month. But now there’s no sales, no views, nothing.

I’m sure, There is some technical issue about search and views.
Otherwise it own’t happen.

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@ghostwriter786 - There is no “technical glitch” in the Fiverr search engine. You are not guaranteed the kind of ranking that you want; we are all at the whims of the Fiverr ranking algorithm. Instead of complaining that you aren’t getting what you want, get out there and earn what you want.

You say that you are “promoting my gigs to fiverr forum, warriorfrorum, digitalpoint, topix, reddit, linkedin, facebook, and youtube”, but if all you’re doing it posting your link and hoping people see it, then you’re doing a horrible job marketing. You can’t just pepper the internet with links in any forum or social media venue that you want, you NEED TO MARKET to the people who NEED YOUR SERVICES. Find the people who need what you have to offer. I can pretty much guarantee you that the people who need your services are not the ones reading the “warriorforum” or “digitalpoint”, “reddit”, etc. That’s not marketing, that’s posting spam wherever you feel like it.

Go where your customers are. THAT is the only way to market and get measurable results. Posting your gig links all over the internet, and then complaining that people aren’t ordering is a failing promotional strategy. People aren’t buying from you as a result of those links you’ve posted, because the people on those sites likely have no interest in the services that you are offering.

And, as I’ve already said, you need to work on the English in your gig descriptions. There are a few places where I have no idea what you are even saying.

Right now, you’re complaining about things not working for you, but you aren’t listening to the tips and advice other people are offering you on the Fiverr forums. We can’t help you if you aren’t going to take us seriously when we try.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: - It’s also worth noting, @ghostwriter786 , that you have claimed to be on Fiverr since March 2015, yet your account was created this month (“January 2016”). If your claims are true, then it would appear that you have more than one Fiverr account… which, young seller, is against the rules of Fiverr. Fiverr doesn’t take kindly to users that break the rules as they try to be successful.

If your “other account” was so successful, why are you trying to gain orders on gigs attached to this account?

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Hi my name is Sana and there was a time when i was feeling the same and i received my order somehow i managed to satisfied her and she gave me 5 stars. You’ve just begun
you will rise if not today or tomorrow but someday and that is a promise made not by me but Fiverr*

I’d like to tell you there are many people who are hiring SEOs but not you
Reason is not that they hate you or they don’t love you

Reason is they actually are not able to find you,I believe its no need to tell you how to improve your gig because you are SEO worker and know about what you are doing. Ranking/Views/Clicks and how to increase them you must know if you are providing such kind of service.

All i can say best of luck,Never lose hope,Fiverr is the best marketplace available right now
if you compare it with others. Here you don’t have to give Tests/Deposit Money/Making a good reputation.

Just wait… and You’ll succeed. I repeat what did i say i was like you few months ago
and i did

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“I just have to wait and collect some good reviews”

I’m sorry but this might not be enough. Have you followed the other
tips that were given to you? First of all, you haven’t changed your Scream mask avatar. Using a ghost image is OK, but as mentioned in another post,that is a character/prop of a horror movie, so you might want to change it to your own original logo that best described your work.
Also, I’m sorry to tell you this but just by simply reading the posts you have left, your English has many grammar/spelling errors, yet you offer writing gigs.
I will have to disagree with you saying that nobody loves a new seller since I have seen many new sellers get their first over on their first day.
What I would like to point out is that not many buyers are willing to buy a writing gig from a seller whose English is not that good. I’m sorry to be harsh, but you might want to at least remove your writing gig.
For your other gigs, good luck and keep promoting. As long as you offer
good quality/unique gigs, you should get your order eventually.

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I decided to swing back just to check on how things are…and I have noticed that
you got rid of the Scream mask, but now you are using the Ghost Rider.
I’m not sure if you get it when I said “try creating your own logo that best describes you” but if you don’t understand what this means and how important it is, I have the feeling you will
be struggling with sales for a while.

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