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How do you make a gig viewable in the Fiverr platform?


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Hi Everyone,

I published my first gig early January, and I noticed that there are a few views and no sales. I’ve included additional works and updated cover art and description details.

I’ve read in the forum that there are many peoples’ gigs that are not showing up in the search engine and I’ve noticed that mine is still not viewable.

How can I make my gig viewable in the Fiverr platform?

I would appreciate if anyone can provide feedback on my gig or suggestions on how to improve a gig.

Thank you for reading and your time!

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You can’t. Fiverr’s algorithm determines where you rank in the Fiverr seach results. What you need to do is promote your gig elsewhere online and off, do whatever you need to to make the presentation of your gig as professional and eye-catching as possible, and deliver fantastic work to whomever does order from you (thereby, hopefully, earning positive reviews).

You also need to be aware that you are not guaranteed visibility, nor success merely because you have a gig on Fiverr. Your gigs are your official business – your job. Treat them as a business, do what any businessperson would do to improve their business and make it more profitable, and realize that YOU need to constantly be working on making your gigs a success on your own – Fiverr isn’t going to do it for you.

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