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A Major Drop in Sales


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Hi Fiverr Community,

Since last September, I’ve been freelancing on Fiverr full-time. I’ve been pulling in thousands of dollars each month with my proofreading and editing gig, and I thought I was in the process of building a stable business.

Then I activated the new packages feature about a week ago. I have since gotten rid of my packages, but I am shocked by what has happened to my sales. Since Sunday, I’ve been averaging about one order a day, and my gig has been going down in the search results. In addition, I’ve been getting much less traffic than usual.

I haven’t changed my rates in months, but I am open to lowering them if need be. Does anyone have any suggestions? Have any other sellers been experiencing similar issues?


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@ghostwriter786 you’ve only been selling on Fiverr less than month. You keep posting content in the wrong categories and threads and re-posting the same or similar topics. What you’ve described here has not been happening to “all” since September '15 and the site does not need a restore. This thread is more about the recent effects of new features like packages which is a different matter.

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