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Need Review About My Profile


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Let’s see, you have an Indian accent but your profile says you’re from the USA. Of course, you could be an Indian living in the USA, but you’re not a VO professional so why not pay someone to do a video for you? Search “Fiverr video” or “gig video.”

I love the movie Scream, but people need to see a face or a body. If you’re not happy with your looks, wear glasses and have a friend take the picture from far away. Or pay a graphic designer to create a logo for you.

WRONG: I will do forum and community 25 posts
RIGHT: I will WRITE 25 forum and community posts

WRONG: I will create and develop forum site
RIGHT: I will create and develop a FORUM site in 7 Days
(if you can do it in 3 days, that works as well, just don’t offer 24/hours, make people pay more for extra fast)

“Article-BlogPost-Content Writing Service On Fiverr. @ghostwriter786

Why are you saying that in your gig description? It’s not necessary.

Decide whether you’re an I or a we, because you can’t be both:

“I will create & modify wordpress site for $5. Web development solution just at $5 only.

Service we provide:”

By the way, are you really a writer? I saw weird sentence constructions all over your gigs. Writing is HARD, clients HATE seeing spelling and grammar mistakes, in fact, the worst writers are the first people to notice them. I’ve never had a job where some jerk account executive or traffic manager didn’t read me the riot act for making one spelling mistake.

If you’re grammar is really bad, you’re going to need to google “Grammarly” and use their software. Or better yet, don’t do writing gigs.

Good luck.

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Since I am not a writer I won’t go into the grammar details, but I personally think using the
Scream ghost mask is a bad idea. I know the movie was a big hit, but after all it is a
movie about a crazy person in a ghost mask killing people. I get the feeling either buyers
will get creeped out by the image, or simply see you as being unprofessional since you are
simply using a “famous” ghost image as your avatar. If you want people to take you
seriously, it will be a good idea to create your own logo.

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