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Expand my services?


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The simple answer is this: Either offer something better than what your competition is offering in their gigs (only you can figure out what this might be), or do something unique that makes people remember YOU instead of your competition (again, only you can figure out what this might be).

Try things. Experiment. The growth of your business is entirely in your creative hands. 🙂

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You need to look at it from your buyer’s perspective.
Here’s some constructive criticism, I’m not bashing you, just letting you know what I see from my perspective as a small business owner (The primary clientele, here on Fiverr)

A virtual assistant needs to be serious and give the impression that they will actually work.
You’re gig video and your profile are basically a job interview.
Dress appropriate. Wear a suit, look at the camera, show a clean, organized, workspace and speak honestly to the buyer. This tells the buyer “Hey, I’m serious about working for you.” Buyers aren’t looking for assistants who are “Slick”.

When I look at your profile I see a lightsaber. This tells me you’re here for fun, not work.
In your video, I never see who I’m dealing with. Why should I trust a blue text screen with music with MY business? Who the world are you? These are the kinds of things that potential buyers will be looking at. A virtual assistant is an employee. And let’s face it, your’re not getting hired by Google, where “Hip” is the in-thing. Your demographic will be poor-as-dirt, barely making ends meet startups who need YOUR help because they are already working their fingers to the bone 18 hours a day and never see their kids anymore.

Now if you can put together a serious package that addresses the needs of these people, you will blow 99% of the other gigs out of the water. Because, guess what, they aren’t doing it either, and buyers are DESPERATE for honesty, hard work, and someone who gets the job done as-stated.

It’s all about trust.
Good luck with your interviews!

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I took a look in your profile and services and here is my two cents.

  1. Upload a picture showing YOU. No matter how lighthearted a guy you may be, no matter how fun it is for a client to have you around,prospects need to see a real person, taking their work seriously.You can be the most serious person in the galaxy and I don’t question this, but it is a pitty to give a wrong first impression.

  2. Re-vamp your pitch/about me. Nowhere is it stated that you offer VA services.There is your chance - let people know what exactly they can contact you for. Video what what what is okay if you enjoy it but use the lines to highlight your assisting experience, since I see your most selling gig is the VA one. How long have you been doing it? What exactly makes you stand out of competitors? and more specifically…

  3. What is your niche? Are you a VA to entrepreneurs and start-ups? A VA to a realtor or a lawyer working on bankrupcy petitions? Can you keep books? What is it that you excel in? Broadening your services can help you land some jobs but it is speciality that will seal long-term, high paying contracts!

4.Are you willing to sign an NDA? Most entrepreneurs would be interested to know, it’s very important and shows you take your job seriously

5.VAs work per hour as far as I know so try editing your extras per time segments instead of tasks.That way prospects could relate easier.

6.Instead of having just one gig for VA where you include over 10 potent tasks you can undertake, try categorising the tasks (Data Entry/Marketing/Social Media Handling/Email handling/Personal Errands and so on - these are examples) and create a gig for each main category

Hmmm, I can’t think of anything else right now, I hope this helps.
Best of luck

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