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This is rediculous, where can I send in a complaint or suggestion for the Fiverr Policy?


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Where or how can I send a complaint and suggestion for Fiverr to make edits to their policy?

I think all sellers should join together and argue that sellers need to be better protected from buyers. At this point, after putting all the work we do into an order, it’s to easy for a buyer to complain and get a refund even if the delivered work was exactly what was requested. This is the 3rd time this has happened and each time the support team seems to side with the buyer more.

Below is a little information about what happen to me this week, and I have read about other sellers having similar issues. We need better seller protection, even if it’s a simple “if the buyer accepts order as completed, a refund is not given” sort of thing.

I had a buyer purchase my article re-write gig, he sent his request and I provided work as requested. He accepted the order and then left negative feedback (he should have rejected it). I offered to re-do it and I delivered a second version within 24 hours (put all others on hold).

He was still saying he would not accept it. I contacted Fiverr Support about the issue and they said to try and work it out, so I tried. I even provided the details to support, including his original article, both rewrites and screen shots (I doubt they even reviewed these).

If you was to view the rewrites, along with his requests you would see that I did what was asked, he accepted the order yet somehow I am now out of several hours of my time, the money for the order and still stuck with the negative feedback, Support is refusing to take it off after they canceled the order due to "not responding rapidly enough".

He sent a message late last night (Saturday), I have been out with the family all day (Sunday), get home this afternoon to find out that the order was canceled by Fiverr admin, due to not responding quickly, and they refuse to remove the feedback...
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I agree with you ghanes there shall be a policy for protection of sellers too, as Fiverr earns when we do work, it does not charge anything extra to buyer, but deduct 20% of our money. So if we are not working day and night, hard, and maintain quality fiverr does not earn. This shall be heard.

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Guest mrspanda

That’s weird. Every time an order was cancelled for me, the negative feedback was removed. What was the reason that yours wasn’t?

I always communicate with my buyers and make sure to respond asap to them (I even have fiverr linked up on my phone so I can respond immediately if I am AFK) so every time Fiverr CS tells me to “work it out” I have proof that I am attempting to work it out. I also always include screenshots when I believe I am being treated unfairly.

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