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Main gig Down in the Search After the fixing of stat problem?


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Hi i just checked today my gig placement . I always check my gig position it remain on to 5 lines of word press development but today when i check my gig i found no where my gig then i check sub categories i found my gig very down . One strange thing i checked all of the gig which were in the top 5 gig 90 percent of those gig are Very down along with my gig ? is this happens with you people … I think Fiver update the search or its a Bug …

Second thing i noticed after the correction of Stats problem . Whenever anybody place order my order notifications times starts from 13 hours mean wrong time … this things start happening after the fixing of stats problem … i am very worry ?

If someone other also facing this issue please share with the community thank you ?

Looking for reply of you people

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