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What to do When Things are Beyond Slow & You Depend on Your Earnings?


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Hi, everyone. There may be some of you, who, like myself, are the sole provider & who work from home, through Fiverr & perhaps, some other sites (I’m with a couple of others that are for customer service). This post is related to Fiverr. I’m a writer, mainly of fiction, but, I’ve also started offering other things. I keep tweaking my gigs. Yet, other than some regulars, I haven’t gotten many new orders, as of late. For awhile, I was quite busy. The last several weeks, it’s slowed down significantly. Which is frustrating since I’m now able to work everyday, as we’re renting a room & starting to live again, instead of, merely surviving. We also have an Internet connection, so we’re not just depending on free WiFi. The earnings I received, in the past, from Fiverr were fine, when we didn’t know what our situation would be, from one day to the next. Now that we have rent & a few other expenses again, the income is nowhere near to being enough. I’d like to say I can fall back on the other work, but, it’s just as slow. For those of you who are also struggling & using Fiverr for much of your funding, what do you do when things are at a standstill? Thanks.

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Reply to @vedmak: It’s better than it was before. I won’t go into detail, but, some can probably guess what our situation had been. I am trying to diversify. I’m not sure which sites to join where I meet their requirements & I can start immediately. I’ve seen plenty where I didn’t qualify and/or they had a long waiting list.

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Hey curvalicious! I visited your profile and I admit you offer some interesting and useful gigs. Have you considered adding videos and enhancing your content in terms of lenght and call to action?

Pesonally speaking I have njoyed greater exposure and more clients after I inserted a video. WHy don’t you try it?

And just my two cents… you offer 250 words for $3,92 (considering deductions and stuff). Isn’t that too little? I am saying this because in such a gig clients should pay for creativity. Would you consider offering gigs that will be equally of great quality but would need less “effort” to complete?

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Reply to @medianzaira: I’ve been trying to figure out how to create a vid. For one thing, it doesn’t seem like the mic works. I tested it & I couldn’t hear anything. I’d love to have vids up. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

I keep changing my gigs. I was offering to do stories up to 100000 words (over several gigs). Then, I was offering up to 10000 words & would do a collection of up to nine more stories (this was also over several gigs). These were for people to resell. I decided to do express delivery & write up to 750 words. More than that & I wouldn’t have time, once I received many orders. Once I get that gig going, I will add extras. I agree that 750 words for under $4 is not much for my time & talent. I’ve had people want me to do the whole project for that amount. I realize, many people appreciate quality. Still, I thought people might wonder why they should order from me if I would only do 250 words, when others are doing so much more. That’s why I settled on 750.

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"Don’t put all eggs in one basket "

Agree! So many work from home opportunities are always up and down like a rollercoaster. Sometimes there will be plenty of gigs, other times not so much.

What about offering dog walking, housekeeping, babysitting in your local area?

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Im a part time Internet Marketer…

Maybe you should not concentrate solely on Fiverr. There;s many ways to generate money via internet.

You should consider about eBay (dropshipping - make business without any capital), blogging, affiliates, etc…

However, fiverr is still a great way t0 generate money via internet without any capital…

p/s: Sorry. English is not my first language. Hope you understand what I am trying to say…

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There are TONS of jobs for writers out there. Fictional writers on the other hand…

If your a decent writer and work quick. There’s EHOW, About, AssociatedContent, Helium, constant-content etc. I know AC and CC pays about 48 cents a word. I have a writer who writes for me who does about 5k a month.

Just have to put yourself out there.

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I would do the following.

#1 Update your profile right away. Put in there your writing experience and your abilities.

Remove everything else about cats, children and owning a mountain lion…

OK. I was making the last bit up, but I just bet you ten people went, huh!!! and went to read your profile and you need to put something in your profile to make it stand out related to your writing experience and abilities.

#2 You need to redo your gigs.

I can tell you right now your delivery times are too long and are costing you orders. Reduce them as far as possible. you have few orders in the queue, or very few and I would lower delivery times to the lowest point possible you know it will take you do do orders, then as the orders come in start to increase it. People are not going to wait 28 days for writing gigs and more to the point. If you need funds quickly you need to structure and build your gigs around that.

The images/pictures are too bland. If you cannot get a video done now, rotate your images, or at least put up several images for each gig.

you are leaving yourself a very narrow window for orders. Your writing gigs address a narrow demographic and you need to expand on this. Forget about yeah but… just do it. now!

Remove anything about tips from your gigs. That does not look good. create a separate gig for tips and use your gig extra to expand on your services. Be creative here and use all your gig extras on each gig to extract the maximum profit from each gig as this is where you are going to make the wonga, not on tips.

Remove this

"if you’ve appreciated my efforts, please consider offering a gratuity. Please also consider leaving a good review (if it warrants it) & closing the order out as soon as you receive it. Thanks."

Use the description exactly for that. A description. This is to market your gigs and you have to put across the fact your gigs are the best thing since sliced bread. Selling on here is about marketing yourself properly, not telling people to leave a review before they have even ordered the gig…use it to get people to buy the gigs and use it creatively to make people crawl over each other to be the first in the queue for your gigs.

on this gig here.


you state express delivery, but the delivery time is set to 11 days and this is going to cost you orders as it is one of the first thing buyers will look at …change it right now if it is express and set it ( delivery time) as low as possible.

Put up some gigs for writing that are not niche specific and where you do not have to write war and peace!

I would put up a gig, now,today, for writing general articles and put the delivery time on it as low as possible. Look at what other people are offering cough writers on here cough and offer slightly more.

You need to target the widest audience possible. By doing this you not only give yourself the chance of getting more orders on Fiverr but make it easier to promote your gigs outside Fiverr as well.

you need to create one or more gig(s) that is as generic as possible with regards to writing to get as many buyers as possible and use this as a sales funnel to drive buyers to other gigs. This is the way to start getting orders now and I would look inwards at how your gigs are set up and what you are offering…and then promote them heavily outside Fiverr.

I am sure you have heard this before… build it and they will come. build those gigs now and the buyers will come. I guarantee you that 100%. Do what I have told you and you WILL get orders.

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curvalicious said: Reply to @medianzaira: I've been trying to figure out how to create a vid. For one thing, it doesn't seem like the mic works. I tested it & I couldn't hear anything. I'd love to have vids up. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.


Hello again! Regarding the video frustration let me say that you don't need to do a super professional and sleek production, just a decent video describing it! You are a written and as I assume a creative one, use your creativity!


Ok your mic doesn't work. No worries. Use a cell phone voice recorder to voice over your video. If you convert the file to mp3 (it is usually an amr-at least this is the output format in my phone) you will be able to use this as an audio background.


Get a couple of nice pictures of you (agree with the above member who said your pic is a bit unclear), compose some text to include in the video and search for free online video creator. Check my video and if you like the general concept (pictures/audio/text) I'll tell you where I produced it (it's a free online program but as it is an external link I am afraid to publickly post it)


I know it is tiring to produce videos for all your gigs but it won't take longer than 20 minutes for each and you don't have to make 10 videos in a day!


Twist your gigs' descriptions a bit more and reduce the delivery time. You may be the best writter ever but clients hesitate to order if they'll get their stuff in a month. Writters can expand widely, you can add some new gigs with express delivery such as proofreading of x words, essays and homework writing.Try to offer services that are worth buying for a wider audience, for example your personal ad gig is a very clever idea. Think outside the box and I am sure you'll make it!

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