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Which social media is Best for Gig promotion?


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It all depends upon your audience. Promote wherever you have an audience that wants, needs, or craves your services. If this is Twitter, promote on Twitter. If this is Facebook, promote on Facebook. You get the idea.

There is not universal best choice. If all depends upon you and the audience you wish to promote to.

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Have you ever give a thought about how many people in the world will be looking for a specific service and what chances are there they will come to your link or hashtag?

I assume you are right but still facebook has group system
That is good because 1 Single post can attract almost everyone
who is in that group. I know how to create successful campaign because i’ve done it.

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@jonbaas - is right, it all really depends on what your gig is and who your target market would be.

But Facebook certainly lets you target peoples specific interests with far greater accuracy than any of the other platforms. So if I had to pick 1… for ALL gigs ever… I would go with Facebook.

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