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One Month as an Illustrator on Fiverr (Level 1 Update)


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Thanks to Fiverr and all the amazing buyers over here who gave me the opportunity to be a part of this community.

I earned a lot in this past month, not just financially, but in several other aspects as well. I got to work with amazing people, learned how to manage my time efficiently, I learned new techniques and styles of art, people were kind enough to trust me with their ideas. Most of all I am happy. It is just the best feeling, when a buyer expresses their happiness after seeing the completed order. I get to do what I love and that makes someone happy, its just perfect.

I know that I am not experienced enough to give advice to new sellers, but here are a few things which helped me when I started.

  1. Use Buyers Request. When starting out, it is impossible to get noticed in the sea of gigs. Buyers Request is the best place where sellers can directly contact a prospective buyer.
  2. Work on the sales pitch. Spend time on the message that you send to the buyer, in buyers request. Utilize all 800 characters if you must.
  3. Always deliver extra. I always deliver something in addition to what the buyer has ordered, be it extra file format, or better alternative to something the client has ordered.
  4. Keep the buyer updated. It is always better to send updates regularly, on every step of the process, so the buyer can request for a change before the order is delivered. It is always a pain to make changes later in the process. It saves a lot of time and effort, and the buyer is happy when he receives the final product.
  5. Learn to say No. As a new seller , it might be tempting to accept all the requests. Do not accept a gig which you do not enjoy working on, the end result will not be the best, and the buyer deserves only the best. A lot of time and effort can be saved on both sides.

Once again thanks to fiverr for giving us all the opportunity to share what we do, and for bringing buyers and sellers together.A huge thanks to all the people who post regularly on this forum. It really helps a lot, It helped me a lot when I started out. All the best to the new sellers who are just starting out.
I look forward to serving this community better by improving myself in what I love to do.


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