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What do you think about this? Any suggestions?


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I’m a new artist attempting High School, and I like drawing (any kind of drawing, especially graffiti) on my free time. I heard about Fiverr a few months ago, and I would like to make some extra bucks for a better economical life. I made a gig where I will draw a Graffiti of your Logo (First ever Logo Graffiti service on Fiverr I think) or Write Graffiti Text up to 10 letters and I will take a Full HD 2480x1748 Picture of it. I made this gig a few days ago but I’m not getting any sales 😦 Maybe the problem is that people didn’t notice my gig or there is something wrong with my gig… so, I would like to get suggestion and advices from everyone here!

Here you can check out my gig: http://fiverr.com/abipod/draw-graffiti-of-your-logo-in-wall



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