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Best Ways To Attract With Buyers?


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Hear Some Tips for making a good impression to buyer.

  • Always make a communications with dear,mate,buddy,sir,mem…
  • Try to delivered asap.
  • Keep buyer updated with current work.
  • Deliver more then they expected…
  • Different Service Then Other

I started fiverr just a 10 month ago and at this moment I have completed more then 45 orders.

cheers… so keep impressing buyer and work with him/her until he/she satisfied… !

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I don’t agree with your first point. In fact, it frustrates and annoys me. I understand that it may be a cultural thing that many Indian and Asian sellers are told to do, but it is generally disrespectful to greet others in business with “dear”, “mate” or “buddy”. The words “Sir” or “Ma’am” should suffice (if you know their gender), or, better yet, if you know someone’s name, use it – or just greet them with their Fiverr account name.

I find it frustrating when people I do not know, repeatedly call me “dear” – “Dear, I need logo, you make for me???” I’m not your dear. I’m a bit offended that you keep calling me that. Only my wife gets to call me “dear”. In western cultures – especially America – “dear” is reserved for close personal relationships – NOT professional interactions.

That first tip of yours, therefore, is not a good tip for first impressions.

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